“There’s only one way to treat people,
and it’s the right way.”

JEFFREY BUETOW | OWNER, master goldsmith


Jeffrey’s Philosophy

Quality | “Treat everyone’s jewelry as if it were my mothers”
Jeffrey puts over four decades of craftsmanship into every piece he touches. His motto ensures the highest level of quality is applied to every piece of jewelry.

Care | “There’s only one way to treat people, and it’s the right way.”
Most of Jeffrey’s work is either expensive or sentimental, so there’s a high level of care with everything he does. It could cost ten dollars but mean the world to you, and he respects that.

Community | “It’s like Cheers—everyone knows your name.”
As a small business we pride ourselves on serving our community and getting to know you. These relationships are the difference between buying online where you don’t know the people or quality of product.  

Price | “The highest quality at the best price possible.”
Our goal is to give you the highest quality at the best price.


“When the door opens
the experience begins.”



John’s Bridal Philosophy

Experience | “You don’t know what you’re missing until you miss it.”
We make it fun. After decades of selling bridal around the country, John knows most 25-35 year olds haven’t had the bridal experience we create for them.

Listen | “Listening is the hardest thing to master, but the most important.”
We know the right questions to ask to guide you towards what’s best for you. Only by skillful listening can we find you the perfect piece.

Connection | “I need to look in your eyes to see how you respond.”
An engagement ring isn’t a decision you can shop with your fingers on a screen. John knows your eyes and body language never lie. In-person connection lets your body do the talking and mind relax.

No Agenda | “We’re not after you’re last penny. We’re after what’s best for you and your life.”
Rather than push thoughts, we care about what’s best for you.


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