It’s time for a new story



Every piece of jewelry tells a story
but how many are outdated?

The earrings you loved—five years ago
The ring you were gifted—but never really loved
The bracelet you inherited—and felt guilted into keeping.

Dust collects on unworn pieces in your jewelry box
ready for a new story.


JEFFREY’S JEWELry design studio

Give new life to old jewels



Our Mission

Rediscover your Jewelry

We take old stories and turn them into
something new. A true reflection of you.

Jewelry is best enjoyed every day—not just on special occasions. The problem is, most people are holding onto jewelry they don’t love. These pieces are ready for transformation.

With Rediscover Your Jewelry, your old jewelry becomes . . .

The ring—you never want to take off
The necklace—that catches your eyes in the mirror
The earrings—making an ordinary day feel special
The bracelet—that feels so you


jeffrey’s jewelry design studio

Jewelry symbolizes your life, right now

 rediscover your jewelry


How it Works

Your Creation

A different way to sort through—and create from
jewelry you already have.

  • Step 1: You bring the pile of pieces you forgot existed, or didn’t know had any value into the shop.

  • Step 2: We go through what you have and what you like, to narrow down your custom style.

  • Step 3: Then the creation begins. We design, melt, shape and create a new custom piece from your old pieces of jewelry.



rediscover your jewelry (with friends)

Host a night party


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rediscover your jewelry

Be all of you.

Transforming old stories
in your jewelry box into something new.
Something true.
Something you.