“It’s not rocket science
it’s romance.”

the bridal experience


The truth is:
we’re in the romance business.

The difference is:
we don’t have an agenda.

We create an experience.


The bridal experience

The ring is (already) in you

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Redefining Romance

Her ring is such a personal thing.

She’s often thinking about it before she knows who will buy it for her. The reality is, our industry talks about romance, while burying the unspoken truths of the engagement experience.

The experience of :

The guy, struggling to get it right
The woman, searching for a ring she adores
And the couple,
making getting engaged fun

After being in the bridal business for over 40 years, we admit engagement rings have created a weird culture. No modern man or woman escapes the psychological societal pressure of marriage.

The Reality Is

Men are going it alone, shopping for shiny rocks from strangers, or blind-buying in confusion over the internet. Women are distressed behind screens, trying to make a massive decision with their fingers. It doesn’t need to be like this.

Most 25-35 year olds don’t know the experience they’re missing. They don’t know it could be fun.

Human connection. Honest conversation. No agendas. People who want to sell you the ring you love. Not the most expensive ring or the one society tells you to love.

Redefining romance means bringing the old-school values of trust, human relationships and fun to the modern couple.

This isn’t any ring. It’s THE ring. You need to see it with your eyes to know. And we need to see you, to be the best to you. We’d be doing you a disservice sending you to anyone else for your engagement needs. We can’t wait to serve you.


John Profit

“People are shopping with their fingers
for a decision met with their eyes.”

The bridal experience


No agendas. No inflated prices.
Just the experience you don’t know you’re missing.

We get it: you have enough to worry about. His mom, the friend list, your cousin at the reception. Step away from your computer. Go for a drive. Have a real-life conversation. No need to make a decision. Try something on. Ask a question. Maybe you’ll learn something new. Maybe you’ll talk to someone who puts you at ease.

The ring is already in you. We’re here to help you discover it for yourself.  

The psychology of jewelry is the reason behind what ring you choose.
You can’t discover it behind a screen.


The Bridal Experience

  1. Four Decades of Knowledge
    After 44 years in this business, nothing surprises us. Our training, expertise and customer service experience come back to guiding you in the art of this decision. And making sure you have fun.

  2. Transparent Trust
    We’re not after your last penny—we’re after what’s best for you and your life. Most guys will spend more than they need to out of fear of getting it wrong. We’re here to ground you & guide you towards getting it right.

  3. Eyes Talk
    When it comes to choosing a ring, your body can’t lie. If you don’t like something–your face shows it. These conclusions can’t be reached through a screen. The right decision is felt. We ask questions to probe deeper. We dive into these thoughts and let your eyes do the talking.

We need to look in your eyes to see how you respond to it.”
- John Profit


john profit

”Your eyes can’t lie. They just can’t.”

the bridal experience



A new kind of experience