How To Eliminate Engagement Ring Stress

Hint: stop thinking so much


Most humans are bad at telling lies. Even when words say one thing, body language usually responds another way. Real feelings are expressed when eyes grow bright and enthusiastic or the body shrinks, becoming closed and guarded.

When it comes to deciding on an engagement ring, these natural body reactions work in your favor. They get you closer to a decision—helping to reveal your individualized taste.

Whether we notice it or not, society is constantly sending us messages about weddings and rings. If you’re between 25 and 35, these messages are even more incessant.

When you’re mindlessly scrolling on Instagram or trying to Netflix and chill, ads and Pinterest seems to always be there—sending subliminal messages to your subconscious mind about how you should get engaged, to whom, and what your ring should look like.

Most women think about the ring before they even know the person they want to receive it from.

But when it comes to deciding on a ring, this messaging can make you grow confused about what you actually wantversus what society tells you to want. This means your intuition gets harder to listen to and follow.

When it comes time for the ring, how do you deal with such indecision about the right one?

You stop thinking so much.

As in, let your body do the talking for you.

The in-person experience takes away the “should” and gets you closer to the truth. Your eyes talk for you. Your body answers what you don’t like. You naturally go back, again and again, to what you love.

We’re relying on our minds to make decisions too much. You can Pinterest until your eyes are numb, but there comes a point when the best thing you could do is get away from a screen, and toward a person. Ideally this person knows how to ask the right questions, listen without an agenda, and guide you towards whats best for you.

It’s not about knowing what you want. It’s about allowing what you want to reveal itself to you.


  • Lean into emotion: Stop trying to intellectualize a decision made with pure emotion. Accept that there is nothing linear or logical about this process.

  • Listen to answers: Answers always come from the body, not the mind. An intuitive hit in the spleen, a gut reaction, an emotional ping, or spontaneous expression. These are the real answers.

  • Make it easy on yourself: Engagement rings are personal. But it doesn’t mean the process needs to be painful. Make it easier on yourself.

  • Let your body do the talking. It already knows what it wants.

  • The ring is already in you. It’s your job to get out of the way so it can find you. So go ahead, take a deep breath & relax.

At Jeffrey’s you may hear our bridal expert John say, “We’ve got to touch you, feel you, smell you, to be the best to you.” Meaning, it’s hard to really know someone from behind a screen. It’s hard for us to do our job best, if you’re not here. It takes this in-person experience to see your nuances and read your body language.

In short, we need to look in your eyes to see how you respond to it. This is engagement ring shopping made easy.