How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring

Six tips to help you find out

Three months salary? Who gets to decide how much to spend when it comes to an engagement ring?

Three months salary? Who gets to decide how much to spend when it comes to an engagement ring?

You put money into an engagement ring because of the symbol. It’s an undeniable statement that says I love you, I want everyone to know you’re mine, and here’s this thing for the rest of the world that shows it. The engagement ring is the tradition. The familiar custom and norm. But what about the process of getting there? Under the romance of the jewelry industry lies deeper realities—like how much do you spend on a ring?

They don’t teach you this in school, so here’s our six tips for when you’re confused wondering how much to spend on the ring.

  1. Talk to Someone You Trust
    Talk to someone whose going to tell you the truth, even if it means you end up spending less, because they’re looking out for what’s best for you—vs. making a quick sale. Sometimes what you already have is perfect and you don’t need to change a thing. Talk to someone who will be real and honest with you.

  2. Know What She (Actually) Wants
    Take the time to figure out what she really wants. When she goes through the process of trying things on and learning what she loves, you won’t spend more money than you need to simply out of fear of getting it wrong. Eliminate the guessing game by starting a conversation before, so when the time is right there’s a simple pathway.

  3. Don’t Give In To "Qualifications”
    Most retailers what to qualify you before taking you down a path. They may have you sign up for a credit application or fill out paperwork. The problem is they don’t care about you, they’re just trying to sell you what’s in the case. We don’t care about how much you make or how much you spend. It’s about doing the right thing—for you.

  4. Ignore The Old-School Rules
    ”A man should spend three months salary on a ring.” Says who? Truth is, no one should tell you how much to spend on anything. Be honest with yourself about what is right for you.

  5. Don’t Go Into Debt
    Your person may want a nice ring, but they also want to go on dates, have weekends away and be treated well. If you can’t take your lover out to dinner because you spent all your money on a ring, they won’t be very thrilled about that.

  6. Grandma Knows Nothing
    Forget pressure from Mom, Grandma or the jewelry industry about what to get or when to get engaged. They know nothing. The right way and the right time is up to you—no one else.