Girls Just Wanna (Be Romanced)

One universal truth about womanhood

Turns out, the universal truth of womanhood is romance. The recipe is yours to create.

Turns out, the universal truth of womanhood is romance. The recipe is yours to create.

One universal truth about womanhood: it doesn’t matter your size, background, job or social stature—women want you to talk romance with them.

She wants to hear about:

The first time you met her.

What you have in common.

What you love about her.

That thing she does that drives you crazy—but secretly why you adore her.

To him, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s all that matters.

And it’s not just women. Men want romance too.

It may look different for men. Even engineers and guys who have zero romance in them still get excited when they see their woman. They still want to make love to her, and delight her, it’s just their method of communication is different. Everyone has their own way of romancing, as unique as the individuals themselves.

Romance is a universal language. While it’s universal, there’s prescribed “how to.” Under the veil of the bridal business and jewelry industry, lives a common human desire to be romanced. True romance is not bought. It has no price tag and no formula—it’s a language between two people—developed over time, through listening, learning, failing, and patience.

You do not have to have diamonds in your hand to romance her. It is a state of mind, an act of caring, vulnerability, and sincere devotion. It’s the highest expression, when you speak your language of romance—because you are speaking the language of love.

When you get confused or worried about the ring, or gift, or surprise not being “enough” remember romance, in any form, is always enough. It’s all she really wants, anyways. So make sure not to leave this part out.

Romance is your romance. Your story is your story.

Consider this permission.

Romance her. In your own weird way.