How To Create Your Dream Custom Jewelry Piece (For a Fraction of the Price)

The best thing that never happened to you

Lock the doors, call the girls and pour the wine. It’s time to get creative.

Lock the doors, call the girls and pour the wine. It’s time to get creative.

Do you remember the Build-A-Bear store, at the mall? Or the American Girl dolls you can design to look like you?

What if we told you this exists, with jewelry, wine, and women? We call them Night Parties, and they’re the best thing that never happened to you.

At time goes on, most women accumulate 5-10 pieces of jewelry in their jewelry box, which they no longer wear. Maybe they never wore it. Your mothers old necklace, great aunt gold bracelet or ring from an old lover. Why let these piece accumulate dust and never look at them again?

What if you could take that pile, and turn it into something you really love? All while sipping wine with a handful of your closest girlfriends, who will be the first to tell you what does—and doesn’t—look good on you.

Welcome to Night Parties. Prepare to be blown away.

Here’s how it works:

You grab a group of women. Somewhere between five and 12. It’s like Sex and the City—you’re all friends but you’re different. You know each other better than the salesperson who knows nothing about you at all. You know Stephanie loves silver, and Katie hates sapphires, and Jamie only wears gold. You each bring in your jewelry box. We see what you have and what we can do with it, over snacks and wine (because all important decisions are made this way.)

It’s a different way to help you sort through what you have. To rediscover your jewelry.

We go through the process of melting, changing, shaping, fabricating and welding everything you have—to turn it into something new. A true reflection of you.

After, you’ll receive something you don’t just love—but you created—for a fraction of the price.

It’s your chance to create a new story with jewelry. This one, you get to write all your own.

Interested in hosting a Night Party for you and some friends? Get in touch. We can’t wait to create with you.