6 Alternative Custom Engagement Rings for the Girl Who Wants Something Different

A different take on the engagement ring

Alternative engagement rings, from vintage to clusters to Moissanite.

Alternative engagement rings, from vintage to clusters to Moissanite.

Maybe you just got engaged, went online (AKA Pinterest) to start the “engagement ring hunt” and didn’t find anything that stood out or feels like you. Maybe you want something different—but not sure what. According to the 80/20 rule and bridal, 80 percent of people will buy 20 percent of rings.

The other 80 percent of rings only 20 percent will buy. These styles are less-traditional, and further ranging. Use these photos as inspiration, or a starting point for what you may like. Custom is always an option—so don’t be afraid to dream up something you love.

  1. Simple But Different // Marquise Diamond Solitaire 18K Rose Gold
    This Marquise cut is a simple and classic alternative to a more traditional solitaire.

  2. Custom Raw & Rose (Gold) // Raw Diamond With Rose Gold
    The raw-cut diamonds and rose gold double-band creates a unique alternative for someone who wants something different.

  3. Vintage Flaire // Diamond and Gold
    A fun take on vintage with a rosy gold and intricate detailing.

  4. Less Refined Luster // Raw Cut and Gold
    Another example of raw cut diamonds and gold. A funky and fun take for something totally different.

  5. Indian Charm // Moissanite Vintage Indian 14K Yellow Gold
    This Moissanite and 14K gold ring has a vintage charm while offering a diamond alternative. Moissanite ranges in color depending on the minerals in the stone.

  6. Minimal Elegance // Moissanite vintage Diamond Cluster Yellow Gold
    A simple and understated band is a sweet alternative to an infinity or solid gold band for someone who wants something uncomplicated.