Proposing on Valentines Day? Think Again.

Why it’s one of the worst days to get engaged

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to get engaged. But why?

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to get engaged. But why?

At Jeffrey’s Jewelry, we’re the anti-jeweler jeweler. Meaning, we want jewelry to be a moment that marks a point of history or something special in a couples lives. It’s special because it’s meaningful to the you two—not because marketing of the jewelry industry told you it should be.

Around Valentine’s Day every year the ads will start showing up on commercials, in magazines and on the radio preaching sales and slogans. A recent ad said, “The best day to get engaged is Valentine’s Day.”

We disagree.

People hear this ad and think, “omg that’s so true.” But it’s not. It’s only true because they told you it will be true.

Jewelry is supposed to be a moment that marks a point in history or something special in our lives. Which is what an engagement ring is. But when it comes to engagements—there are two factors.

The first is timing. Doing it at a time that’s right for you, in your relationship. This means not doing it just because Grandma told you it’s the right time or the jewlery industry told you it’s the right time. They don’t know anything about you.

The second is the surprise factor. On Valentine’s Day (or Christmas or New Years) there’s not the surprise that you want in her heart on the 14th. The surprise won’t be the same. It just won’t. There will be expectation. Anticipation. To us, even the 15th is better than the 14th. After the 14th they’ll be bummed. It didn’t happen. They thought they were going to get it. But the 15th rolls around now if you propose then, they’re genuinely surprised. They’re knocked off their feet. They can’t talk. You own them in that moment. The surprise is real.

Too often marketing creates the truth in someones head. But the only truth that’s real is your own.

The day you decide to do it—to ask the question—will be special because it’s your day. The one you decide for yourself. Don’t give your power away. Don’t let someone else—like a radio commercial or magazine ad—decide that for you. This moment is yours.