Our 10-Minute Process For Choosing An Engagement Ring

You’re closer than you realize

It doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact—it can be easy.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact—it can be easy.

As a society we’ve gotten so used to this idea of “no pain no gain” that we think everything meaningful in our life needs to be something we struggle with. Engagement rings are no exception. People spend weeks, months, years, playing games in their head about what’s right—unable to separate what they really want from what society is telling them to want.

But here’s the truth: the ring is already in you. There. Waiting. Hovering in your brain. It’s ready for us to pull it out of you.

Often, all it takes is getting out of your own head (and house) and talking to someone who can guide you towards what you already know, deep down. This means asking the right questions. More than anything, it means listening.

Ten minutes with us and you’ll figure it out, because of our system and how we do things.

The whole reason we created the bridal experience is because our belief that getting engaged can be fun. It can be an enjoyable experience you remember forever—something you didn’t even know you were missing.

If you’re stuck in your head, getting in your own way, confused over what’s right, know your ring is closer to you than you realize. You may be one ten-minute conversation away from changing everything. Now the question is—what will take the place of all that cleared-up mental space? You decide.