We are Jeffrey’s Jewelers

Jewelry forms a link between generations. It tells stories about the most memorable moments of our lives, creating emotions which hold the power to make an ordinary day special. Jewelry makes a memorable day slow down. Beyond the rings and watches, it tells a silent statement about the individual you are. But too often, the sentiment gets lost behind the ethical practices of the industry, inflated prices of corporate stores and disconnect between the salesperson and customer. That’s why we built our independent jewelry store and design studio 40 years ago in Federal Way, WA—25 miles South of Seattle.

Our store and design studio features the most modern technology, ethical sourcing and sustainable production we can provide. We value our community and are proud of being voted best jewelry store every year by our city. We care about quality and trust. In getting to know you we can be the best to you. Whether it’s a repair, custom “Rediscover Your Jewelry” design, Night Party or wedding, our intention is to provide you with a personalized jewelry experience, delivering what’s best for you.

Jeffrey Buetow

Owner | Master Goldsmith | Gemologist | Designer

Growing up on a cattle farm, by age six Jeffrey had his own animals and was working with his hands. It’s all evolved into who he is now.

After graduating college with an aerospace degree and working in retail, he met a guy who asked if he’d ever considered working in the jewelry business.

Young, curious, and up for a new challenge, Jeffrey was interested. Eight years later while working in corporate jewelry at Zales and feeling unfulfilled, he learned how to resize a ring.

From then on, he was hooked.

35 years later, Jeffrey is still at work in his design studio doing what he loves—designing, creating and repairing jewelry. He’s earned the title of Master Goldsmith and certified Gemologist (GIA). His attention to detail and love of the craft has created a loyal community who entrust Jeffrey with their jewelry needs. We can say with confidence that if Jeffrey can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.

  • Master of Manufacturing
    Jeffrey is an expert in the art of jewelry-making. A Master Goldsmith, certified Gemologist, expert at fabrication and pioneer in laser welding—he possesses skills most jewelers don’t. His curiosity is driven by quality manufacturing. Jeffrey invests in technology to create the best finished piece possible and understands every step of the process.

  • Small Business Owner
    Generations of families are served with Jeffrey’s work, and he values making jewelry for people in his community. He attributes his success to three things: high quality work, caring about what he does, and doing it at the best price possible. 

  • Community
    We want every customer who leaves the shop to feel like they’re valued. Jeffrey cares about delivering a quality product, and treating people as good as they could possibly be treated—knowing he’ll be there down the road to take care of you.

Most jewelry stores are trying to sell what they have in the case. Here, we create an experience— whether knowing you when you walk in the door or not—we want you to feel like you’re a part of the Jeffrey’s Jewelers family.”

- Jeffrey, Owner


John Profit

Partner | Lead Designer | Bridal Expert

John Profit made a career out of going around the world teaching people how to sell bridal. He’s led the most blessed career on the planet, being in the right place at the right time to learn from the masters.

In the 1990’s at Nordstrom, Profit learned customer service from former chairman Mr. Bruce Nordstrom on the floor. He learned the bridal experience from the true master, Emmerson Robbins of EE Robbins. From Alvin Goldfarb, he learned showmanship.

I learned a long time ago that if I shut up and listen, I’m going to learn a lot of great things.”

Before the bridal business took Profit around the country, he sold diamonds to Jeffrey, at age 18. Forty years later, he’s returning to his roots and passion. This time, he’s doing something special—focusing on what he does best—creating Jeffrey’s Jewelry’s new Bridal Experience.

John infuses 44 years of learning from experts in the business into creating his core beliefs on bridal:

  • Redefining the Bridal Experience
    Real relationships, trust, and honesty are as important as romance. John inspires people to shop with their eyes, not their fingers. He guides women through the process of finding the best ring, for her, and relieves guys stress about “getting it right.” Above all, he makes it fun.

  • Jewelry Psychology Expert
    As a people lover, John understands humans love to be in places that feel good. He believes the eyes don’t lie—by listening and observing customers he helps them discover what they desire. He coined this understanding that drives our decision making as, “jewelry psychology.”

  • No Agenda
    After writing the (literal) handbook on bridal, he’s believes he’s doing people a disservice by not taking care of them. He knows people won’t get the same level of care, attention and service anywhere else.

The focus of John’s work is listening and allowing people to arrive at the conclusion best for them—with honest support along the way.

“As soon as that door opens the experience begins.”

- John Profit, Partner